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Problems With Pests? Kineo Pest Solutions Can Help!

Are you struggling to keep your property pest-free? At Kineo Pest Solutions, we’re committed to helping our customers get rid of their pest problems. 

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Our Pest Control Process

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First we will start with an inspection to determine what pest is causing trouble and we do this by taking an inside to outside approach. Next we focus on addressing the issue so we can then begin a preventative treatment.

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Kineo will thoroughly review all preparation instructions for your treatment prep before any treatment during your inspection. We will also send those same instructions via email in your subscription paperwork. Kineo goes the extra mile so you can rest easy.

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After our initial service, we will come back to assess your property and ensure pests have not returned. This will happen every 3 months so we can stay on top of it and keep your property protected.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Very Thorough. Sprayed All Areas Thoroughly And Swept Down All Cobwebs Inside Garage And Outside On The House. Very Polite And Respectful."


"Russell did a thorough job in treating both inside and outside my home. He was courteous and knowledgeable and provided a summary of the treatment service. I would highly recommend Specter to anyone in need of pest and maintenance service."

Vivian W

"Always pleased with this company and no bug problem since we started using them. Great company! Prompt and effective, also very respectful. A pleasure to use. Would definitely recommend.."

Daniel G