How long do treatments take?

For your first service whether it’s a quarterly or one-time service, expect anywhere between 45-60 minutes. All quarterly services after your first initial service expect anywhere between 30-45 minutes.

Do I have to leave my home?

No, for all general pest sprays you are welcome to stay home. For treatments such as bed bugs you will need to leave during the service unless otherwise instructed by the pest control service technician.

Are the products safe to be sprayed in my home with children and pets?

Yes, the products we use are eco friendly and safe. We ask that during the time of the service small crawling or curious children are kept in a different room as the technician is spraying. Small children are curious and like cleaning products we want to avoid allowing children to touch wet surfaces until they are dry. While our products are safe for indoor animals we ask that they are kept in a different room as the technician is spraying. Dogs and cats senses are much stronger than humans. With their amazing sense of smell leads to curiosity, we want to avoid having your pets lick or sniff the product.

How long does the product dry?

In the hot summer months expect anywhere between 10-15 minutes. In the cooler/colder months expect 20-30 minutes.

I've seen bug activity when should I call for a re-service?

Wait 7-10 days until the service has been completed. It takes about this much time for the product to take full effect.

My home was sprayed and I’m seeing some bug activity. What is normal?

It’s normal to see bug activity after a service is completed. Think of it this way, if your house is on fire you probably won’t stay inside if you can help it. Bugs have the same kind of thinking, they want to get out. Our product draws them out from your walls, cracks, crevices and any unsealed entry points in your home that they are hiding in. Normal bug activity: slow moving or dead bugs. What isn’t normal: Pests that are active, increased in numbers, or for ants trailing. Call if you are seeing more than usual activity. For all flying bugs call the office for a re-service if you see more hives, nests, or waps/hornets flying around your home.

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